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The aim of our distribution fund is to distribute God’s word and the good news of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ in the UK and abroad.

Local activities

We supply a number of local school leavers with bibles with the desire that the Lord will bless his word as it is read by the young people.

Teaching materials and books are offered to 40 Primary schools each year and we are happy to fulfil requests as they are given.


We distribute Christmas cards and tracts each year around the local area.

We also hold a regular market stall, the details of which can be seen here.

Overseas work

Overseas, we seek to support the the Trinitarian Bible Society in supplyng individual requests for bibles around the world.


In Ghana, we support three churches, helping to fund education and health costs. James Kori, the pastor at one of the churches, lives in the Accra and receives a large consignment of bibles each year to distribute at the Baptist's Believers Conference in the north.


We are thankful to be able to support the work of a family who have set up a missionary in Kenya, sending bibles, and assisting with translation work.

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